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Non Profit Fund raising through online Auctions

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Robert O. Patterson, JD
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For any non profit organization, the most important element that keeps the organization running is the fund required for providing the service. Providing service without expecting any monetary benefit is the main factor that separates a non profit organization from a commercial organization. In that way, the non profit organization should have a proven methodology to have sufficient funds for carrying out its activities. One of the most commonly used methods by the non profit organization for collecting funds is the fund raising method. Fund raising can be done in a number of ways. Some of the methodologies that have been commonly used include the fund raising music concerts given by popular musicians and performers, fund raising sports events between two popular teams, fund raising movie shows, fund raising by traditional auctions, among others. With the advent of the internet, more and more operations related to commercial business have now moved online.

Similarly, the fundraising also can make use of the reach of the internet and perform certain activities that will bring in the required funds. One fund raising on line activity that can be done by any non profit organization is the setting up on line auctions through an on line auction provider such as E-bay. For setting up an online auction, one needs to have an account with the on line provider and a product on which the auction will take place. Finding the right product to sell on auction is highly important to generate sufficient funds from the on line auctions. To get an idea about the type of items that have generated excellent responses from the bidders, these online auction providers have a list of items that had been very popular in the past with respect to generating money based on the bids placed. The non profit organization can have a look at this product listing. After arriving at the right product, the on line auction provider will provide the necessary process steps to complete the auction. Once the auction is complete, the non profit organization should send a mail to the bid winner providing details about the bid amount, the features of the product that was won, payment method and the shipping period. These types of interactions will help to maintain a relationship with the bidder.

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