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This article is about a specific non-profit organization, the Eastern Illinois Food Bank.

The nonprofit agency I chose to write about is the Eastern Illinois Food Bank. They are trying to simply trying to prevent hunger by providing food for food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and other programs to feed the hungry. They accept discounted and donated food and distribute it to 220 emergency food programs, as well as operate two programs: the BackPack Program and the Foodmobile program. The first helps hunger in low-income school districts and the later increases access to food in rural and under-resourced communities. There are food banks all over the country and I feel like their attempts to provide food and eliminate hunger are very effective.

The Eastern Illinois Food bank is having a program called “lose weight and feed your community” which donates 11 cents to Feeding America for every pound a person pledges to lose through March 31, 2011. This is a beneficial cause which can encourage families who may have overweight parents or kids to exercise and donate money for their good efforts. Kids need strong, healthy, role models so it is important that they see the parents exercise and eat right and this program could give those parents more incentive to do so. At a local level these programs can help advocate a healthy lifestyle as well as stopping hunger. Since there are food banks all over, they work together to implement change on a national level yet each one focuses solely on their areas.

Non-profit organizations are very important because they usually work in order to benefit basic human needs instead of focusing on their own profits! Especially organizations such as the Eastern Illinois Food Bank, they help to provide food to needy families as well as school districts of poor communities. They work hard to help people in need which I think is a very valuable asset to a company’s success! Fund raising proposals are important in non-profits such as the food bank because they do not make money on their own. Therefore, these companies need to focus on charity projects and getting donations in order to raise money. At the Eastern Illinois Food Bank, both monetary and food donations are always welcome!

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