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5 Reasons Why Every Nonprofit CEO/ED Should Blog

Another in a series of articles related to association management selected from our reading list by:
Robert O. Patterson, JD
CEO/ Principal
The Center for Association Resources, Inc.

From Business 2 Community­­:

There’s no arguing that a nonprofit CEO or Executive Director is the most influential member of your organization. After all, why else would the cover letter for the annual report or your gift acknowledgements be penned by them?
Just like those donor communications pieces, a blog can be a great place to let the leader of your nonprofit shine. Unfortunately though – according to our own research – only about 37% of nonprofits are blogging regularly.
Here are five reasons why the leader of your nonprofit should blog regularly:
1) Nonprofit Leaders Are Subject Matter Experts
If you are the leader of a nonprofit organization, it’s likely that you possess a lot of institutional knowledge about your cause – especially if you are also the org founder. Read More

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