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Barktown Dog Rescue: One Non-Profit’s Story – Published by The Center for Association Resources

Barktown Dog Rescue: One Non-Profit’s Story

May 25, 2011 • 1:11 pm 0

Barktown dog rescue is a non-profit organization for stray and abandoned dogs (as well as a few cats) in Kentucky. Volunteers there rescue and foster animals until a “forever” home, or as they call it, a “fur’ever” home, is found. These foster parents daily see and deal with abused animals, which makes it an environment for the strong-hearted.

TV reports often portray many of these abandoned dogs as bad-tempered, but at least one volunteer says she has never worried about any of the dogs she has brought into her home, to the point she trusts them alone with her young daughter. Many of the animals are so scared of humans that at first they can barely be petted. From this volunteer’s viewpoint, the work is sad, but also rewarding, especially when someone adopts a dog instead of buying one from a breeder or puppy mill.

Like at many non-profits, the budget is tight. Barktown Dog Rescue makes dollars stretch by being creative. They partner with local veterinarians, for example, to offer assistance for spay and neuter clinics. These low-cost clinics allow families to take advantage of a $20 or $30 operation, saving hundreds of dollars over the cost of comparable procedures at a full-price clinic. Many of these vets also offer food and shelter for the dogs when there are not enough foster homes available.

A major expense for Barktown is boarding rescues and strays when there are more dogs than foster parents. To raise money for such times, the organization makes dog treats that are sold at local businesses. They also engage in monthly donation drives at businesses around town. Barktown also receives revenues when an adoption is finalized. All monies go toward veterinary bills and any medicines or shots that the animals need.

Barktown can be found on the Web at The group accepts donations on-line.

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