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Heroes afar

Another in a series of articles related to association management selected from our reading list by:
Robert O. Patterson, JD
CEO/ Principal
The Center for Association Resources, Inc.

Regarding the Armed Forces Aid Campaign’s role in helping soldiers and veteran’s plight of sometimes being forgotten.

What defines a “hero”? People say the word casually, throw it out at someone who helps them out with a small favor—“Oh you’re my hero.” Often, there is no thinking behind the word, no thought of what the word might mean or whom it may address. Certainly, there is no picturing of a human face behind that word, that title. People who stride free and relaxed and unconcerned should know this: There are thousands of nameless heroes who die for every precious second of their freedom. Those true heroes are the soldiers who endure the horror of war in order to preserve their country, to protect the rights that many take for granted.

These heroes do not have “Superman” or “Batman” titles slapped onto them; they serve to serve, and to protect, and most of the time, without any thanks at all. There is, however, a foundation to aid the too often forgotten heroes. The Armed Forces Aid Campaign strives to aid the soldiers both fighting at the front lines of distant war, and the veterans recuperating in their homes.

Both active and wounded soldiers in various countries are helped by this non-profit organization, by receiving phone cards so that they can contact their homes and families—small petty comforts, one might argue, but significant  for someone who has not seen their loved ones for months, even years, or is suffering from the scars of war. Soldiers are provided with hope and sometimes neglected medical care.

In addition to the soldiers themselves, the Armed Forces Aid Campaign strives to cover costs for the families of suffering soldiers—covering travel fees when visiting the soldier or certain other medical costs that the military does not pay for. Many things, everything from trained dogs for the disabled, to support for families that have lost a loved one to war, are paid for by the organization. Many things, both simple and essential, are provided, thanks to the donations of the people who do care.

The organization exists to provide for the heroes to which many owe their safe, contented lives. Their sacrifices are what allow for others’ peace, and their pain contributes to others’ comfort. Fortunately, such heroes are not entirely forgotten. Organizations like the Armed Forces Aid Campaign strive to ensure that no hero afar is ever disregarded, no matter what.

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