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Non profit Organization (NPO) – At a glance

Another in a series of articles related to association management selected from our reading list by:
Robert O. Patterson, JD
CEO/ Principal
The Center for Association Resources, Inc.

From this short article, a reader can get a brief idea of the NPO along with its basics, types and the working model.

Non profit organizations that work independently are mostly created by legal or political persons and are constituted legally. In order to be influenced socially and politically these organizations should have a strong political and financial back up. The motives of the organizations are like lending helping hands to the suffering, undertaking a part of development in a country, involving in social service activities etc. The ways to reach these motives may be different between organizations but the goal remains the same.

These self help organizations are basically charitable oriented or service oriented. There are some NPO’s that operate internationally too. Even though the name signifies that the organization works without profit they depend on the government largely for funding. These organizations should have a healthy relation with the public in order to be successful in their goals. The people who work in a non profit organization are referred to as volunteers.

In order to create a NPO two basic steps have to be followed: one is to identify the social need at that point of time and the next is to gathering the support among the public for the particular need.

If the non profit organization is planning for a long run it should be focused on the following points:

1)The funding flow should be homogeneous and this will increase the stand of the organization.
2)Documents along with the organization plan should be preplanned for the financial year
3)Nowadays there are lots of scams involved around these NPO’s due to the tax exempted funding, so the funding along with the other financial documents should be kept clean and the documentation has to be proper and has to be verified through qualified professionals.
4)Periodical checking of the benefits that were provided by the Government on the same mission.
5)If the company couldn’t be started with full fledge alone, it has to be partnered with any other firm which is involved with the same motive, by this means both the companies will be working on the same motive.

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