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Non-Profit Organizations – a boon to our society

Another in a series of articles related to association management selected from our reading list by:
Robert O. Patterson, JD
CEO/ Principal
The Center for Association Resources, Inc.

In today’s world nobody gives a free service but you need to spend your money and efforts to earn even the smallest thing in this world. Everyone is after money, everyone is in the race to reach the summit by putting their feet on the heads of others whom they cannot see but in reality they suffer a lot. No organization works for free but there are still those people in this world who care for the future, for the humanity, for the children of God. These are the boon to our society because this was that part without which our system is incomplete. These people who run non-profit organizations are the real humans who care for everyone.

Such organizations are run by a funding committee through charities or from the money of those great people who have their pockets full but no family to spend upon. Such associations help our society grow because there are several children who are poor and their parents are not in the condition to earn a good living, but who knows these children can be the future leaders, the one who will help in the future of their kinds. Everyone wants to help the needy for the blessings of the god but running a non-profit organization is not a small game but it needs a big heart which can spend for others and a friendly mind. There are several associations who give scholarships to the children and help them study, they don’t want anything from those needy children but in return a bright future.

I also want to become such a person like those great people because money isn’t something which we can swallow up alone, either we use it for our own development or for the development of many others who will in return bless us. Only a small amount of money from our huge earnings would surely help to build up a non-profit organization. Just a small effort and results will be clear by setting up a non-profit organization.

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