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Barktown Dog Rescue

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Non Profit Dog Rescue

Barktown dog rescue is a non profit dog rescue for stray and abandoned dogs and a few cats that are in my area of Kentucky. I volunteer at this rescue and foster many dogs until they are given a forever home, or as we call it a fur’ever home. It is very sad seeing the abuse that many of these dogs have gone through, and it is unconscionable to see how people can treat these loving animals. I know on TV that many of these dogs are portrayed as having bad tempers, but I have not fostered one dog that I have ever worried about my two year old daughter being alone with one of them if I was in the other room. Many of the animals we get are so scared of humans that we can barely pet them without constant begging for their attention. It is extremely sad but in retrospect, extremely rewarding work, when someone will adopt a dog instead of buying from a breeder or a puppy mill.

We do many things to increase revenue for the organization. There are several local veterinarians that offer their assistance for spay and neuter clinics that we provide. They are low cost so many families can take advantage of a twenty or thirty dollar operation, saving them hundreds of dollars, and offering us food and shelter for the dogs when there are not enough foster homes available. When there are more dogs then fosters we are forced to board the animals and this is a significant daily expense. We also make dog treats and try to sell them at different businesses. Donation drives are also done monthly at local businesses and this is a good way for us to pay for food and boarding. The last support we receive is from the actual adoption. We charge a certain amount of money to adopt a dog and the monies collected are given back to the vets, medicines, and shots that all of these dog’s require.

This is very rewarding work and it truly makes my family feel like we are making a difference in one area of this country’s many problems. If you would like to visit our website it is: There is a link for donations and if this reaches anyone with the desire, your money would help a lot of needy animals.,The Center for Association Resources

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