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Change for the Children

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Non-profit organization for children, run by the Jonas Brothers.

There are a great deal of amazing non-profit organizations out there that do great work and have a positive impact on society, but my favorite non-profit organization is one run by the Jonas Brothers called Change for the Children. Each one of the brothers has a different cause that they support. Nick’s cause is childhood diabetes, because it is something that he, too, suffers from. Joe’s cause is Special Olympics and Kevin’s cause is volunteerism. Kevin, Nick and Joe all work together to make the change they want to see in the world possible, and they make it possible for fans to get involved as well in a great many ways.

The program is based on kids helping other kids who are less fortunate. All the money raised by Change for the Children actually goes to the kids who need it the most, not the Jonas Brothers. Many times, children can feel alone in the world and feel like no one else is going through what they are going through. Initially, this is how Nick Jonas felt when he was diagnosed with childhood diabetes, and it is what inspired him to start this non-profit organization in the first place. He wants to help kids get connected with other kids who are going through similar situations, so that they can be a support system for each other. He said that by doing so, they are “improving the quality of life”.

The organization offers many ways for those to get involved to actually get out there and do something. The organization’s website offers ideas, such as organizing a walk or run for those affected by diabetes or those who are disabled. If you do not have time to organize a run or walk, the website for the organization offers shirts and necklaces that you can purchase. All of the profits from the shirts and necklaces does go for diabetic children in need.

Many people think the Jonas Brothers are just another teenage fad, but in all honesty, they are doing something great for their fans and children across the country. They are the brains behind Change for the Children, and have made many donations and contributions to help kids in need all across America and in other countries as well. They are helping to make the changes they wanted to see reality and they are getting fans involved as well. Change for the Children is a non-profit organization that I support now, and I hope you will too.

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